How to lose weight: practical advice from a psychologist

So you decided to lose weight. As a reasonable personweight loss of a woman on the advice of a psychologistyou started with a visit to a nutritionist and made sure that you have no hormonal problems and that no serious illness interferes with the start of the weight loss process. And now you are trying to understand: "Diet or sports? "

Wrong question wording. Correct: "How many calories do I need to spend with my existing eating habits? " Or "How much do I need to consume to remain sedentary? " When you count the calories you eat and determine how many of them you are burning, you are likely to be horrified. Do not freak out.

You and I need to choose a diet that doesn't bother you and a physical activity that is enjoyable. For those who are afraid of the word "sport": don't worry, no one will make you an athlete, while you are sitting on bread and water, we are not in Buchenwald.

Walking instead of working

Physical activity- this is ironing clothes and going to the office on foot instead of shivering in a crowded minibus, and yoga, and dancing, and now riding a fashionable bike at a relaxed pace. Find a list of physical activities and immediately cross out those that make you shiver. For the rest, choose what you like and make a short list.

The minimum daily physical activity that involves your entire body should last at least 30 minutes a day, while you are starting to lose weight. Then you will like it and you can set aside an hour without pain for that. Do only what gives you pleasure, either it was pleasant before, or if you have neglected yourself completely, it causes the least disgust. At gyms, choose group programs for people with a minimum level of training: even though it was possible to plow you before, now your body is being rebuilt and you will be grateful for the absence of shock therapy. Our goal is to accustom the body to a new energy expenditure regime. Therefore, move every day, the only exception is a cold with temperature.

Buy perfume, not bread

LemonadeFor those with normal or low stomach acid, it is good to add lemon juice to the water in the proportion of half a lemon to two liters of water. Those with high acidity can reduce the concentration or take half a lemon, it is smaller and less acidic. The acid will help the stomach break down fat and vitamin C will support the immune system.

There is no universal "quality" diet that gives good results in the absence of tangible suffering. More precisely, this diet is different for each organism, and it is better to spend several weeks listening to the body and determining its response to different dietary regimens than to follow a wrong diet and generally interrupt the entire grandiose plan of size change 50 to 44.

To put it simply, there are two types of eating habits and you belong to one of them. The "male type" is sensitive to hunger, his mood drops dramatically with the decrease in blood sugar levels (before lunch or in the morning, when there was no time for breakfast); if the food is limited to flour, he loves meat and prefers a good steak to cake. The "female species" is more resistant to limiting the amount of food, eats salad five times a day without problems, but is unable to get through the chocolate without tears.

Protein and vegetable diets are ideal for the former, where you can't limit yourself to serving size (you still can't eat a lot of cooked chicken without spices, as well as vegetables). The second is to transfer carbohydrates for the morning, make friends with sweeteners and use a new perfume every day (the seductive delight of the food is in its aroma, so that the gourmet organism can be deceived). Both should not immediately switch to a strict diet "according to the book". The recipe for long-term success is not a blitzkrieg, but the gradual education in yourself of another better person, who likes healthy foods, for whom physical activity is not a torment, but a natural expression of the joy of being.

. . . and have fun

Shall we sit on the buckwheat?Mono-diets are only acceptable in one case: if you overeat at a banquet until you feel sick. Afterwards, you can sit on the kefir for a day or two. Otherwise, an unbalanced diet activates the fat deposition mechanisms in the reserve, so we do not have an "ambulance diet", but a healthy diet with healthy foods.

You don't need willpower to lose weight. It is useful only in the initial phase: forming habits that will allow you to continue losing weight without any effort. If you are successful, you will feel good and do not want to go back to your past life. Start with a ready list - when you get involved, adjust for yourself:

  • Take a full 2-liter bottle of purified water in the morning and drink throughout the day. After a week or two, you can switch to two and a half liters. The bottle visually helps to control the amount of liquid consumed, this trick does not work with glasses, and water is an indispensable component for the weight loss process.
  • Take out the soda, it creates a bloated feeling similar to overeating. We need to get used to the feeling of lightness, which was previously deciphered by the brain as a hunger for light.
  • You can even eat a cardboard cutlet with ketchup and mayonnaise, so to start, just leave yourself with peppers and herbs, and when you lose the first 5-10 pounds, try the homemade sauce recipes. Cheap store foods, with their low-quality fats, starch and excess sugar, are responsible for the numbers of the poor around the world. The stars do not eat this, and we will not eat.
  • Take a weekend off to explore the variety of health food stores in your area. Anything that can be fat-free should replace the fatty equivalents on your table. Low-fat cottage cheese is absolutely impossible to eat in its original form, but in cheesecakes (cooked without butter, with sugar substitutes) it is almost like the real one. Instead of the 20% sour cream you used to generously pour into the borscht, you can use 0% fermented dough or 1% tan, you will be surprised at the small difference in flavor. Even replacing 3, 2% milk with 1. 5% milk is a small but solid step towards a figure worthy of you.
  • Learn to eat breakfast. Owls and sloths have problems with that. You can be firmly convinced that your body has been designed in such a way that it will accept absolutely nothing until noon. In fact, it is like a demanding cat: if you do not feed it for three days other than rejected dry food, the animal will get used to the fourth and will enthusiastically find the rustling and noise of the food on the plate. A moment of joy: for breakfast you can and need carbohydrates, that is, sweet and tasty. If the body does not want to wake up to oatmeal, offer toast with jam. A person full of energy can do more in a day, it increases his inner satisfaction, and at night he does not want to enjoy another bad day.
  • Remember: any food can be delicious, the diet is no exception. But until you learn to cook in a way that makes you want to lick your plate after the low-fat bran cheesecake, turn on the snob and head to healthy restaurants. Yes, for the price paid for an elite fitness business lunch, you could overeat croutons and ice cream for two days. But in addition to the tasteful and healthy experience, you rise in status in your own eyes and in the eyes of others, and a sense of self-confidence is necessary for any change that requires effort.